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Residential Roof Repair

Over time and with the extreme weather of Texas roofing material can become susceptible to damage that needs to be monitored. Having maintenance done on your roof is the best way to extend its life and avoid the costs of a costly reroof if the damage is left unchecked. The 3rd Coast Home & Commercial Services team is highly experienced in detecting damage and knowing the best way to fix it. We do not try to pressure any of our homeowners or clients into a reroof if there is a less expensive route to fixing the damage and limiting the exposure to the elements.

If damage to your roof is not detected and fixed properly, it may result in a much more expensive problem in the future. We treat our customers like family and will always put together honest proposals that outline what needs to be done to fix the problem the first time.

Residential Roof Replacement

There is a point in every roof’s life where it does need to be replaced. 3rd Coast Home & Commercial Services has a team of experts in navigating this eventuality. We will help homeowners understand the problem and what needs to be done to fix it. If it is an insurance claim, we expertly help our homeowners navigate the process and provide them with the necessary information to get the roof bought for the maximum amount possible for the project to be completed at the utmost correct standards.

If the roof needs replacing, but it is not covered by your insurance carrier, we will do everything we can to be competitive and give a fair price every time.  We make it our goal to be as approachable and accommodating as possible, therefore we have financing options to fit almost anyone’s needs.

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